Carbon Fiber Luggage Collection

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Light & Strong

The carbon fiber material is light and stable at the same time and as an integral part of the patented laminate construction keeps the baggage item and its contents together even when subjected to large impinging forces.

Wire Lanyard

On the inside, steel takes care of the necessary lock stability; on the exterior for maximum theft protection. At first sight, a mere lanyard but the wire turns out to be a welcome and effective security factor when visiting the kiosk or the coffee bar. Steel takes care of the necessary on the inside.


The patented four-layer laminated construction ensures shockproof service; the thermoplastic protective film prevents breakage and splintering. In this way, both the contents and the owner safely reach their destination.


Never before has an item of luggage been so user-friendly and sturdy at the same time, so ergonomic and sophisticated with great handling as the trolley from Swiss Luggage. Elegant travel accompanied by unique design – once again, Swiss Luggage knows how to score points.

Highly Complex

The suitcase comprises 350 individual parts, and each is an in-house development. 300 of these are partly patent-protected. These parts are put together in a complex production process.


We're proud to introduce the carbon fiber suitcase collection,  This collection features a ton of features and functionality to make the pieces super durable and functional...but also beautiful in design with its 6k twill weave carbon fiber exterior.  Read on to learn more about what makes this collection special: