Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

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♥ STRONG -- Made by pressing 3 layers of Carbon fiber reinforced Neoprene together.
♥ THIN-- 1mm of carbon fiber + 3mm Neoprene protecive foam,  thickness total 4mm.
♥ LIGHT-- Only weight 35 to 50 grams depending on what size you order.
♥ SAFETY-- Hand made, Highly protective hard shield front plate to keep shins safe.
♥ DIMENTION-- Small 172*29*82mm (35g/ 1.23ounces)
Medium 184*33*88mm(45g/ 1.58ounces)
Large 196*32*93mm (50g/ 1.75ounces)

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Shin guards is a kind of sports equipment, worn on the front of player's shin, protect the athlete's tibia to avoid injury. It is mainly used in football and basketball, ice hockey, hockey, rugby, cricket, hockey and other sports accessories. Shin guards can be made of various materials, including glass fiber reinforced plastic, polyurethane, plastic and metal etc.


● Extremely strong
● High in stiffness
● High in tensile strength
● Low weight to strength ratio
● High in chemical resistance
● Temperature tolerant to excessive heat
● Has low thermal expansion
● Widely used in industries & cool applications like exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), NASA/Aerospace,
high-end sporting equipment, yachts and even items from luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Montblanc and more.