Carbon fiber shoulder bag

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Genuine Leather
Carbon Fiber Woven Technology Fabric
Perfect Fit for Ipad Pro
Limited Edition To 10 Models
Quality Nylon Strap
4 Zip Pockets


This shoulder bag represents performance driven, timeless style on which you can rely day in and day out. The use of this material allows carbon to transform a traditionally hard-side material into a collection of exclusive, soft touch bags and accessories.

Intricately woven and engineered carbon fiber that meets our meticulous performance requirements while achieving the highest-quality aesthetic.

Both a premium material and high-performance fabric, the carbon fiber WX6 uses a superior wet infusion process, adapted to create high strength, low stretch and lightweight performance properties. The RACER BAG model merges world-class craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, setting a new standard for global purveyors of luxury goods.

The shape is simple with the embodiment of an everyday cross-body shoulder bag.

The main compartment will accept all your daily carry accessories and inside linear pockets help to organize the interior.

The best thing is nobody has ever seen a carbon fiber bag before !!