Carbon Fiber Money Clip Glossy Black - Small size

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★ 100% real carbon fiber with 3K Twill Pattern
★ RFID theft prevention built right in
★ Always return to its original shape
★ Holds more than 12pcs creadit cards or 30pcs business cards
★ Demension: L: 7.0*3.8*1.3cm (0.008kg) / M: 7.0*2.8*1.3cm(0.006kg) / S: 7.0*2.2*1.3cm (0.005kg)
★ Delivered in beautiful carbon fiber gift box exclusively designed by CL Carbonlife for presentation as the perfect gift

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Constantly digging through a bulky wallet wastes time and energy in our busy world. The average person uses 1-2 main cards throughout their day. The money clips give you quick access to your favorite or most used card. The CL CARBONLIFE money clips are not only quick but also durable and unique stylish because it's made of carbon fiber material.


● Extremely strong
● High in stiffness
● High in tensile strength
● Low weight to strength ratio
● High in chemical resistance
● Temperature tolerant to excessive heat
● Has low thermal expansion
● Widely used in industries & cool applications like exotic cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini), NASA/Aerospace,
high-end sporting equipment, yachts and even items from luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Montblanc and more.